FRC Team 7267

Lisgar Robotics Club

A school based robotics team from Lisgar Collegiate Institute that provides a space for enthusiastic individuals to share their passion for STEM through competition and activities. Our goal is to turn ideas into reality.


June 13th, 2018

Argosy Lessons Learned

As a request from our generous sponsor Argosy Foundation, we reflected on our first FRC season, and created this "Lessons Learned" guide to help future rookie teams. Check it out! 


Sept 2nd, 2018


We are looking for New Members and Mentors who's interested in business, robotics, coding, graphics design, outreach and much more...


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FIRST® Robotics Competition

FRC Team 7267 - Lisgar Robotics Club is a proud member of FIRST Community since the FIRST Power Up Season of 2017~2018

IEEE Robotics Competition


Our club has been sending teams to complete in the local IEEE Competition every year, winning Bronze medal in the year of 2017.

Summer Outreach


Our club organizes summer outreach presentations, workshops and demonstrations to summer campers throughout the city the share the passion for STEM

FIRST® Lego League


Our FRC Team is planning Mentoring FLL teams from Middle Schools near by. As the runner up for FRC, FLL prepares team members for future FRC

School Spirit Projects


Our club presents cool robots and projects to the Stud Co. and other clubs during spirit weeks to support our Lisgar community

Arduino Projects


Arduino is a great way to introduce club members to robotics, we start every club year with a simple arduino pro

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FRC Team 7267 - Mission Statement

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 7267, the Lisgar Robotics Club, represents downtown Ottawa’s Lisgar Collegiate Institute. Lisgar C.I. has always focused on encouraging and expanding education opportunities in the field of science and technology for students, and drive to expose interested students (not just at Lisgar) to STEM activities is at the core of our team mission.

As one of Ottawa’s highest performing schools, students at Lisgar receive a strong education the the theoretical aspects of the STEM fields. Unfortunately, our school’s location in a heritage building limits the ability to balance this strong theoretical education with the hands-on technical and shop component that is present at most other area schools. We strongly believe that Lisgar students should be given the opportunity to participate in hands-on STEM educational activities and the FIRST Robotics Competition, the largest Robotics Competition for high school students worldwide, provides the perfect opportunity to do this.


The Lisgar Robotics Club challenges students to learn and build technical, leadership, entrepreneurial, safety, communication, and outreach skills through real-world experiences. Students learn from each other, teachers, community mentors, and community supporters expanding their learning beyond the confines of the classroom in a fun and interactive way.


Lisgar Robotics Club, Team 7267 also believes in spreading FIRST’s mission beyond the team and school, planning and executing outreach activities for both other students and the wider community.  Over the past two months in the summer, we connected with various summer camps throughout Ottawa, hosting 15 one-hour long presentations and demos to youth about FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Lego League, impacting over 300 youth.


As a second-year team, we are pleased to join with the RoboRavens (4783), Merge Robotics (2706), and the Aztecs (2994) to grow the FIRST community in the Ottawa region. In the upcoming 2019 FIRST Launch Season, we will be mentoring a rookie FIRST Robotics Competition from Colonel By Secondary School as well as a rookie FIRST Lego League team from York St. Public School. 


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Our Club Leads

Tony Tu
Team Captain
Tony Chen
Robot Lead
Albert Nitu
Business & Outreach Lead

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29 Lisgar St. Ottawa, ON ; K2P 0K7



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